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general information
We prefer all dogs to be on leads and cats to be in carriers unless they are individuals that are traumatised by carriers, in which case please call from the parking area to check whether or not the waiting area is clear before coming in.
General information when bringing in Pets to Ivy Road Veterinary Clinic
Facilities: Radiology; Hospitalisation; Theatre for general small animal surgery
What we do at Ivy Road Veterinary Clinic
what we do
We aim to be a caring, personal, and professional small animal veterinary clinic. We would like your pets to be in the best possible health at every stage of their life and will recommend steps necessary to prevent disease as far as possible. It will always be our priority to provide you with balanced information that allows you make decisions that are best for both you and your pet. We recognise that your pets are part of your family and we treat them as such.
Aside from emergencies, surgical procedures are by appointment and booked for weekdays. Food is to be withheld from 10:00pm the night before. Drinking water should be freely available unless otherwise specified. Pets are to be admitted between 7:30 and 8:00 am in the morning unless a specific arrangement has been made for your pet.
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