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Ivy Road Veterinary Clinic has successfully been operating for 18 years. Although ownership has changed hands a few times, the same levels of care and passion always remain. Myself , Dr. Trent Alexander and my colleague Dr. Leo Manyora took ownership in February 2022. We had always hoped to take ownership of a veterinary practice so that we could put our own ideas and methods into treating animals. We had worked together for a few years before the opportunity presented itself to us. Our experience together has assisted greatly in turning Ivy Road Vet into a two vet practice.

The understanding we share allows everything to flow smoothly and allows us to give our patients optimal care. We share a great combination of skills, from keen interests in medicine to orthopedic surgeries. Our goal is to let Ivy Road Vet become an exceptional clinic, that offers an array of treatments and caters for the needs of our clients and their beloved pets, and to maintain the good name that Ivy Road Vet currently holds within the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care to our patients, whilst still maintaining upstanding relationships with our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission, is to nurture the bond between animals and humans, so that pets and their owners can live happy, healthy lives together.

Consult Rooms

We have large and small consult rooms fully equipped with basic consult equipment

Radiology & Theatre

A sterile theatre equipped with theatre lights, oxygen machine and an anesthetic machine

Hospital Ward

We offer a well sized ward for the hospitalisation of our patients to allow for recovery

Why Choose Us

Our Focus Is To Help Your Pet Have A Better Quality Of Life

We work to nurture the bonds between animals and humans, so that pets and their owners can live happy, healthy lives together.

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